Friday, June 1, 2012

(un) Dead by Trinidad Giachi

Published synopsis:

Lord Hurlingthon contacts him, requesting his abilities to solve a deeply personal mystery: Hugh Hurlingthon is two hundred and thirteen years old and can't die.

Or so he claims.

Saussure will have to discover if this man is telling the truth, and if so, why he can't cease to exist. Along the course of this investigation, Richard Saussure will question his beliefs while attempting to come to terms with his own past.


Richard Saussure has a reputation for getting to the truth of things. But this case is leading him down paths he’s not sure he wants to follow. How can he figure out if this old man who looks like he’s two hundred and thirteen years old really is that old? Relying on help from people who don’t necessarily work on the right side of the law, Saussure painstakingly puts the pieces in place until he is sure he has found the answer.

(un) Dead by Trinidad Giachino is a well thought out, intense mystery with twists and turns that makes guessing the outcome difficult. The story itself is smooth and the detail is intricate. A good deal of work obviously went into making this book the suspenseful read it is.

I will admit I had trouble liking the main character. A lot of this is because I didn’t really have enough backstory for him. What,exactly, turned him into a guy who hardly anybody likes and left him basically a shell of a man? It is alluded to and I’m pretty sure I pieced it together correctly, but coming into his life at this juncture did not make me feel compassion for him. He may be a good detective but his people skills when dealing with those willing to help him, granted some of them at a cost, left him wanting in my mind. I thank the author for a review copy and I give the book four stars.

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